“Wealth isn’t your destiny, it’s your decision. Decide, commit, and act. It’s up to the person you trust and rely on the most. It’s up to you.” - Mat Sorensen

Unlock the potential of your retirement with Mat's best selling book and training videos. Learn to invest confidently with a Self-Directed IRA, seizing control of your financial future. Dive into his extensive resources, including insightful events, and pave the way to financial freedom and security.


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  • The “Self Directed IRA Handbook” by attorney Mat Sorensen is the most comprehensive book ever written.

    About one of the best investment and retirement savings tools ever created: the Self-Directed IRA. Mat has performed the impossible by effectively delivering complex information in an easily understandable manner for the layperson while providing the necessary legal basis to suit the professional.

    Mat’s book is a “must-read” for investors, attorneys, CPAs, and other professionals and other interested individuals wanting to learn about all there is to know about Self-Directed IRAs.

    Tom W. Anderson- President, RITA, and Founder and Vice Chairman, PENSCO Trust Company

  • Mat’s books is a great reference guide for self-directed IRA investing

    Best I’ve seen in 30 years of being in the business.

    Harry Veldkamp- CEO, Polycomp Trust Company

    It is the first of its kind in our industry.Mathas truly written an “Authoritative Guide” for self-directed IRAs.

    Pamela Constantino

    Mat is truly an expert on self-directed IRAs, and his book is the one book that every self-directed IRA investor should read.

    Mark J. Kohler- CPA, Attorney, Author

  • Mat’s book is the most practical and comprehensive self-directed IRA guide in our industry.

    Reading this handbook should be the first step for any alternative asset investor, investment sponsor, or trusted advisor that seeks to become informed about how to maximize the value of IRAs.

    J.P. Dahdah- CEO, Vantage Self-Directed Retirement Plans

    I highly recommend The Self Directed IRA Handbook to anyone seeking to enhance his or her knowledge of how best to invest retirement funds in alternative assets through a self-directed retirement plan

    -Mary Mohr- MBA,JD, Executive Director, Retirement Industry Trust Association