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Mat Sorensen

SDIRA Summit - Spring 2024 Recordings

SDIRA Summit - Spring 2024 Recordings

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Over 7+ hours of Self-directed IRA training with industry experts: 

Topics including -

  • Adding Alternative Assets to Your Retirement and Overall Financial Plan - Mat Sorensen
  • How to Self-Direct and What Are Your Options - Mat Sorensen
  • Self-Directed IRA Rules & Prohibited Transactions - Mat Sorensen
  • IRA/LLC (Checkbook Control) and Partnering Options - Mat Sorensen
  • Real Estate Panel: Case Studies and Real Deals - with John Shekarchi - Attorney, Real Estate Developer, and Private Lender; Amy Mahjoory - Real Estate Investor & Educator and  HGTV Personality; Eric Mattingly - $2B+ in investment transactions and CEO of DMI Holdings, LLC; Grant Cropper - Commercial Mortgage Broker with 18+ years experience in private lending.
  • Trifecta - Tax and Legal Plan to Save Taxes and Protect Your Assets - Mark J. Kohler
  • Roth IRA vs. HSA, Traditional IRA & Solo 401k - Mat Sorensen and Mark J. Kohler
  • Alt Asset Panel - with Aaron Halderman - Note Investing and Private Lending, Mike Maucelli - CEO at REI Energy, LLC, Ana Klein - Real Estate Investor CPA.
  • Advanced SDIRA Strategies & Supercharging Your Accounts - Mat Sorensen

    Summit Recordings Include: 

    • Comprehensive Video Access: Unlock full access to the complete summit with all sessions in video format, ensuring you don't miss a moment of valuable content.
    • Presentation Slides: Dive deeper into the insights with access to all the presentation slides, which enhance your learning experience and provide a visual reference for each topic.
    • Extended Access Period: Enjoy flexibility and in-depth learning with 6 months of access to the recordings, giving ample time to revisit and absorb the material at your own pace.

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