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Mat Sorensen

The Self Directed IRA Handbook

The Self Directed IRA Handbook

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The Handbook clearly explains the prohibited transaction rules, investment structures, common self-directed IRA investment assets (real estate, a private company, IRA/LLCs, private equity, hedge funds, crowdfunding, precious metals), and IRA tax pitfalls (UBIT & UDFI tax). The Handbook also includes extensive FAQs after each chapter and nearly 130 citations to cases, statutes, rulings, and opinions from the IRS and DOL.

  • Over 50,000+ copies sold
  • Acknowledgment as the most widely used book in the SDIRA industry
  • Endorsement and active use by the majority of primary self-directed IRA custodians
  • A prestigious five-star rating as an Amazon best-seller

Featuring 19 chapters that cover every facet of self-directed investing, this handbook is your key to making informed decisions, managing your investments, and securing your financial future. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting, 'The Handbook' is your go-to resource for self-directed success.

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